Yusuke Tazawa

Japanese craftsman Yusuke Tazawa's philosophy is "simple design, quiet form". He hopes to make wooden tableware that blend in with daily life, objects that are forgotten once used but are fully functional when necessary.

Being a woodworker with a background in furniture making his inspiration is nature itself, using the natural textures and tones found in the forest as a key element to bring across in to his own work.

As a child Yusuke always took a strong interest in handicrafts, so as a student he specialised in Forest Science and Engineering. After working in conservation he took the plunge to convey the importance of the woodland and nature through his woodworking skills. He now works out of his studio named Think! Forest in Ebina, Kanagawa Prefecture and is well-known for producing special objects for the tea ceremony.

  • Yusuke Tazawa makes these wooden utensils at his studio Think! Forest in Ebina, Kanagawa Prefecture.
  • When designing these goods he looks to source inspiration from old culture and tools in Japan (such as the Japanese tea ceremony).
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