Katsufumi Baba

Katsufumi Baba is a Japanese potter who resides in Kurume, a city in Fukuoka Prefecture. He’s been interested in ceramics his whole life and after majoring in law he decided to follow his passion and become a full-time potter. So in 1995 he travelled to France and went through Europe for two years to see and learn from European potters.

Once he had returned he spent two years as an apprentice to a local potter in Japan, and in 2003 set up a small studio in his home town of Kurume, where he has been creating his own pieces ever since. Katsufumi is interested in creating functional beauty, items that you can enjoy and use over and over for ones entire life.

  • Studio potter Katsufumi Baba makes at his studio in Fukuoka, Japan.
  • Katsufumi works in a number of clays, from porcelain to stoneware, also experimenting with hakeme, a decoration technique in which a stiff brush is used to apply slip directly to the surface of a pot.
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