Rieko Fujimoto

Rieko Fujimoto is a metal worker who has a quaint studio in Neyagawa City, Osaka. Here she makes a variety of objects at her workshop, mainly specialising in the production of cutlery and cooking accessories made from aluminium and brass.

Japanese craftsman Rieko Fujimoto graduated from the Osaka University of Arts in 2002 where she studied metalworking. After she was then employed in local cookware shops to produce designs for their collection.

After working in manufacturing she decided to leave for a simpler life, studying with Shigeru Terachi, who is also a well regarded metal craftsman, and has now been working independently for many years. Rieko uses basic tools, she then pounds the form into a specific functional shape that can hopefully stand the test of time.

  • Rieko Fujimoto shapes metal in to functional forms at her workshop in Neyagawa, Osaka.
  • Exclusively crafts cutlery using either aluminium alloy or brass.
  • Aluminium cutlery is light weight and eases the burden on hands, the brass will patina and improve with age.
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