Naho Kamada

Born in 1982, Naho Kamada is a Japanese metalworker from Kumamoto Prefecture who now resides in Tokyo. She studied under craftsman Takejiro Hasegawa, the third generation of the Hasegawa family who have a long tradition in producing metal items for the tea ceremony.

Naho Kamada became independent in 2008, producing metal objects that people can use on a daily basis and enjoy with longevity in mind. She has since gone on to be very respected as a metalworker and is known to choose soft metals and hit these material with precision and a soft action, often choosing wooden tools over harder tools to carry through a subtle sensitivity in to the objects.

Her concept being to make modern pieces of metalwork that might make it possible to push forward this age old craft but still use the traditional techniques that have been passed down to her from craftsmen in the field.

  • Naho Kamada makes utensils and vessels from metal at her studio in Tokyo.
  • Her work is inspired by antique tea utensils, old cups and other functional tools.
  • Her goal is to make use of simple design, creating objects that stand the test of time and can be used on a daily basis.
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