Tomoaki Nakano

In the city of Sabae in Fukui Prefecture resides Japanese lacquer craftsman Tomoaki Nakano. Studying under his father for 15 years, he succeeded his father in 1996 and now makes under his own name. Selected for various exhibitions in Japan, most notably winning the "Japanese Folk Art Museum Exhibition” prize, Tomoaki has since gone on to open a new studio and gallery space in 2014.

He has a truly distinct style that’s recognisable by the soft, elegant application of the lacquer that creates a modern look with a strong link to the past. He achieves this by focusing on the foundation of the lacquer, applying many thin coats of lacquer over a longer period of time, lastly a final thick coat to accentuate the shape of the wooden form below.

The aim of his work is to make functional lacquerware that can be used everyday. Particular care is placed on the shape of the wooden objects, making sure they are generous and comfortable in the hand. We are proud to present a selection of Tomoaki’s work at OEN Shop.

  • Japanese lacquer craftsman Tomoaki Nakano studied under his father in the city of Sabae in Fukui Prefecture.
  • His work is trademarked by the soft, elegant application of the lacquer to create a modern, functional form..
  • The lacquer coating serves both decorative and functional purposes, with the lacquer protecting the wood by having antibacterial properties and water resistance.
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