Kihachi Workshop

The Kihachi Studios are the oldest producer of wood products in the Yamanaka region of Japan, famous for its exquisite lacquerware. Each wooden object is first cut to approximate size out of the finest Japanese wood, they are then hand turned on a rokuro (electric wheel), a technique that Kihachi’s craftsmen have mastered over six generations.

Once the perfect, thin forms have been created on the electric wheel they apply a lacquer or urethane solution to protect the wood, which adds both decoratively and in a functional manner. The Kihachi studio have now opened a beautiful retail store which presents contemporary everyday objects made in a traditional manner in Yamanaka, so we’re very proud to be representing the Kihachi Studio in Europe.

  • All works are created in a workshop in the Yamanaka region of Japan.
  • Kihachi Studios are the oldest producer of wooden functional objects, specialising in lacquerware.
  • Each form is hand turned and created on an electric wheel, finished off with a surface lacquer or urethane to protect the wood.
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