• Vase 300 No.21
  • Vase 300 No.21
  • Vase 300 No.21

Vase 300 No.21

Nozomi Fujii

Regular price £330.00

A vase handmade by Japanese craftsman Nozomi Fujii in Japan. This piece consists of a sleek shape handmade on the pottery wheel in a stoney grey colour.

After making on the wheel this form has been trimmed to make it thin and unique in shape and two parts have been connected. Once fired in the kiln different colours shine through and make each vase totally unique. A contemporary but handcrafted form that's sure to look stunning in any interior space.

Please note: These pieces are handmade and feature small markings from the making process. Each one is totally unique. Shipped from the maker's studio in Japan.

Approx Measurements: 9.5cm in Height and 7 in Width. Stoneware. Handmade in Japan.

Timeless appeal in every creation.

Fusion of rustic charm and sleek elegance.