• OEN Issue 3

OEN Issue 3


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OEN Issue 3 continues our exploration of timeless craft, design, art, and architecture. This edition spotlights the innovative work of Keiichi Tanaka in ceramics, the architectural beauty of Copenhagen, and the stunning autumnal transition in Japan through 'kōyō'.

We introduce MATSURICA's delicate glasswork, contrasting with the raw aesthetic of 'Brutal Beauty' and the serene minimalism of the 'NOISELESS' concept. We also feature the dynamic kinetic sculptures of TEMPO, delve into the artistic legacy of Barbara Hepworth, and explore the natural artistry of FUJIGOKE.

In this issue, we blend introspective narratives with visual storytelling, maintaining our clean and thoughtful aesthetic.

Approx Dimensions: 14.75cm x 21cm, 156 pages. Printed in the UK. Full Colour. ISBN: Coming Soon