Yumiko iihoshi

Japanese creative Yumiko iihoshi is a truly fantastic potter and maker. After graduating from Kyoto Saga University of Arts, studying a Porcelain major, she started her own porcelain collection under the name "yumiko iihoshi porcelain". Each ceramic glaze and shape is unique and original, taking inspiration from the function and 'feeling' of a vessel.

All of these products are crafted by hand in Tokyo, Japan, and each one is different from one another, since they're handmade you'll see imperfections in each. We're stocking items from both the Oxymoron collection, meaning contradictory or sharp-dull in terms of colour, and the Unjour collection, meaning one day in French. Each piece is meant to be used on a regular basis and will definitely get better with age.

  • Yumiko makes objects that are infused with nostalgia, inspiring people to reflect and reminisce about time gone by.
  • The handmade line is not overly stylised, it's made with function and purity in mind.
  • Yumiko's goal is to create a range of pieces that are on the boundary between handmade and conventional goods.