Mushimegane Books

Mushimegane Books is a series of ceramics and porcelain objects for the home. A project started by Japanese maker Misa Kumabuchi, working out of her studio in Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture.

Each one is made by hand using a wheel and a few other hand tools especially made for the job. Misa mainly works on special events and exhibitions, sometimes craft fairs in Japan, so you can appreciate the rarity of these items and the exceptional quality.

The concept revolves around people and sounds, with the pots being made as a reflection of the earth's surface and nature in general. In our natural environment there are a lot of minerals, you can see this throughout the Mushimegane Books collection which showcases purity but at the same time a variety of complicated textures. Each piece is truly individual as Misa creates off her own feeling and expression, you won't find any two that are exactly alike.

  • Mushimegane Books pottery is handmade by Misa Kumabuchi at her studio in Hyogo.
  • Pots are made as a reflection to the earths surface and nature in general. Fired in a gas kiln to create the interesting textures and glaze patterns.
  • Misa collects seashells, coral and other natural substances, which she then turns in to glazes for her pots.
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