Kitchen Tools

by Lars Müller

Kitchen utensils - pans, knives, ladles, can openers, garlic presses - are present in every household and are used daily. Nevertheless, they receive little attention. After use they disappear in cabinets and drawers. kitchens tools - Kitchen tools.

Design by Kuhn Rikon is a stage products that have been designed over the past five years with Kuhn Rikon and new paths in function and aesthetics. The photographic work of Cortis & Sonderegger lets her step out of the background and making them into playfully arranged everyday and not everyday scenes protagonists. The photographs are complemented by texts by Claude Lichtenstein, Christof Gassner and Philipp Beyeler, which deal with the kitchen as a world in miniature, design in the context of cooking and the history of the famous Swiss manufacturer of kitchen tools.

21 × 31.5 cm, 8 ¼ x 12 ½ in, 96 pages, 70 illustrations, hardcover.