Founded in 1935, Hornvarefabrikken – The Hornware Factory – was set up by Peter Husted, a craftsman and visionary with great ambitions. He designed and made many of the spoons and tableware that are still sold by Hornvarefabrikken today. In 2007 designer and maker Sara Brunn Buch acquired Hornvarefabrikken with the condition that she carry on the tradition of first-rate craftsmanship. To this day they’re still operating in Bøvlingbjerg, Denmark where they make their hornware by hand in a small set of workshops.

Once the craftsman finds a suitable piece of horn, he or she draws a spoon outline onto the surface and cuts out the design using a band saw. They then grind it in to a uniform thickness using sandpaper, and create a handle by soaking the blank in hot oil for a few minutes. This turns the horn soft and means it can be manipulated. After drying they go through many different processes of finishing, from sanding to polishing, the final object is then cleaned and is ready to use.

  • Established in 1935 by Peter Husted
  • Handcrafted in Bøvlingbjerg, Denmark.
  • The only company in Denmark producing arts and crafts from cow horn.
  • Hornvarefabrikken a.k.a. The Hornware Factory
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