White & Black Lidded Mizusashi

by Mushimegane Books

£140 £290

This white and black 'Mizusashi' bowl is one of the largest ceramic items that we've had from Mushimegane Books. Handmade at Misa's studio, this piece consists of a porcelain white container with a black stoneware lid.

Mizusashi are containers of fresh water for replenishing the pot and rinsing bowls in the tea ceremony. The glaze on the lid is unique as it has various shades dotted throughout, with the surface being of stoneware texture and is rough on the hands.

Note: The lid balances on top of the vessel, so it doesn't fit true or inside the container. Also, this is a large vessel and features unique markings that are hard to pick up on camera.

Approx Measurements: 20cm diameter x 15cm height