• Tsuchi Black Square Dish
  • Tsuchi Black Square Dish
  • Tsuchi Black Square Dish

Tsuchi Black Square Dish

Miki Furusho

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Delicately handcrafted by the celebrated ceramic artist, Miki Furusho, this square dish is a testament to the harmonious blend of tradition and modernity. The surface unveils a meticulous 'soil puzzle' pattern, born from Furusho's ingenious fusion of plain Shigaraki clay and hand-dug clay from the Izu Peninsula. This intricate layering not only pays homage to the age-old craft of Japanese pottery but also resonates with a contemporary calm, owed to the artist's minimalist approach.

Such a piece stands as a testament to Furusho's commitment to preserving tradition while offering a modern spin, ensuring that the bowl isn't merely functional, but also an artefact of art and heritage.

Please note: This is a sculptural work of art. All works are handmade and may feature small markings from the making process. Each one is one of a kind and may have slightly different colouring from the photograph seen here. Shipped our studio in Japan.

Approx Measurements: 27.5cm width x 8cm height. Stoneware clay. Handmade in Japan. Ships from Japan.