Small Chasen Matcha Whisk

by Chikumeido

A matcha whisk, or Chasen in Japanese, handcrafted from bamboo in the town of Takayama in Ikoma Prefecture near Nara. The first style of whisk was made over 500 years ago and in many ways has remained unchanged.

This particular whisk was made by the master craftsmen at Chikumeido, one of the highest quality matcha whisk makers in the world. A piece of 2 year old bamboo is split by the craftsman and finely crafted by hand to create these prongs that give it functionality. The Small Chasen uses a light coloured bamboo that’s then crafted in to a special piece of functional art. This piece would be perfect for making matcha outdoors or if you are new to matcha.

Please note: Each piece is handmade and although similar may feature small imperfections or a slight variation in colour.

Dimensions: 5cm Width (prongs) x 8.5cm Height