Sencha 690 Teapot White



Japanese ceramic studio Nankei specialise in the production of these beautiful teapots that are made from a white clay body that was popular in the Taisho era in Japan (1912-1926).

This clay is the reason why they are able to produce a teapot without a glaze, offering a smooth surface with tiny irregularities inside that mellow the taste of the tea and make it slightly less astringent. The light grey/beige colour has a soft impression suitable for any environment.

The tall, wide shape of the 'Sencha 690' is perfect for all types of tea, with the leaves being able to steep slowly. Inside is a traditional style tea strainer attached at the entrance of the spout. This a teapot that will only improve with age.

Please note: Each piece is handmade and may feature small markings from the making process. The current wait time is approximately 6-8 weeks.

Approx Dimensions: 19.7cm width x 12.6cm diameter x 10.6cm height (600cc). Serves 4-8 people. Material: Stoneware (ceramic), Unglazed. Handmade in Japan.
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