ReIRABO Blue Oval Plate

by Yumiko iihoshi

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A blue glazed oval plate designed by Yumiko iihoshi at her workshop in Japan. This particular series goes under the name of ReIRABO, Irabo being a type of Korean pottery that was admired by Japanese tea-masers as they embodied a “high aesthetic ideal”.

Because the thin glazes highlighted the textured clay beneath, Japanese connoisseurs named this type of tea ware Irabo after the Japanese term ira-ira, meaning “upset” or “annoyed.” Yumiko has put this series in to mass-production after many iterations at her studio, and has now created a selection of tableware that tests the boundaries of a handmade product.

This particular plate could be used for food or snacks, each one has a pleasant elongated shape which makes quite a spectacle on the dinner table.

Approx Measurements: 30.9cm width x 19.8cm Diameter x 4cm Height