• Drawing #C11221
  • Drawing #C11221

Drawing #C11221

Dominique Lutringer

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A unique artwork by French artist Dominique Lutringer. Inspired by Japanese culture, Lutringer resides in Tokyo where he looks to fuse Japanese aesthetics with contemporary minimalism.

Drawing is from the series “Views from Chochikuyo”— an exploration of warm and cool tones featuring muted vertical and horizontals stripes — depicts a very personal interpretation of the Villa Chochikuyo built in 1928 by the architect Koji Fujii, considered to be the first eco house.

This pictorial research tends to express the vibrations which emerge from this house through combinations of lines and flat colours. The light of course but also the sounds: the creaking of the parquet floors, the smells, the sensation of touch. It is all these sensory experiences that are expressed in this series. The choice of the single format on paper and of reduced size, appears obvious in order to give to this series an intimate character.

Please note: These artworks are sent unframed. Ships from the artist's studio in Japan.

Approx Dimensions: 545 x 394mm. Acrylic paint on paper. 300g. Ships directly from the maker's studio in Japan. Unframed.

A captivating journey where elegance meets subtlety.