Brushed Midori Teapot

by Keisuke Okazaki


Japanese potter Keisuke Okazaki based in the city of Kamakura in Kanagawa Prefecture is well known for his distinct brushed glaze style that has dark undertones with powerful colours popping through from above.

This small teapot is a special piece that features a nice texture and is matte in colour, absorbing the light and looking beautiful in any contemporary space. This size is perfect for brewing a nice pot of green tea.

Note: These are made by hand so each one may differ slightly from the photo, they all have their own character. As the glaze is matte these need to be handled with care and washed by hand using a soft sponge.

Approx Measurements: 11cm Length x 6.5cm Width x 6.75cm Height (160-200ml volume)