Instructions for Brewing Sencha

Here are the recommended instructions for brewing Sencha ( approximately 2 servings )

1. Pour hot water in to the teapot to warm the teapot. After pour the hot water in the teapot and warm the cup. By doing this the temperature of the hot water will drop by approximately 20℃ ~ 30℃.

2. Place the two teaspoons (4g - 6g) in to the heated teapot.

3. Pour the hot water from the cup into the teapot and cover it for approximately 1½ minutes to 2 minutes.

4. Pour evenly in to the cup for a nice colour and taste.

When you have finished drinking why not pour the hot water again and enjoy 2 or 3 cups.

Fancy a pick up?

1. At first use warm water (70℃ ~ 80℃) to taste the sweetness of the tea.

2. After pour boiling water on the leaves to enjoy a bitter taste and a kick of caffeine!