Instructions for Brewing Matcha

Here are the recommended instructions for making Matcha ( 1 serving )

Please be aware that matcha tea can be bitter and is best to drink this type of tea with something sweet to balance the taste.

Note: It's best to soften the bristles of the whisk before the tea is made using water.

1. Pour hot water (70 - 80ml) into a cup and let it cool to around 80℃.

2. Discard the hot water from the tea bowl and use 1.5 teaspoons of matcha.

3. Pour the hot water and stir the match slowly with the whisk so that the particles loosen and there are no lumps in the bowl.

4. Start to move the whisk in a more rapid movement, using your wrist to flick forward and then backward in the tea bowl. Repeat this between 40 and 50 times, slowing and whisking the surface to make sure any bubbles are gone.

Iced Matcha Drink

Use the above instructions but add 4 to 5 cubes of ice to make a refreshing take on the normal matcha drink. This is the perfect drink for summer and the ice takes away some of the bitterness.

More Ideas

1. Double the matcha powder or use less water to create a thicker tea will to give you a wake up call in the morning!

2. Want the a quick dose of power? Add it to your cereal or porridge in the morning and you will feel the health benefits.