Yuki Osako

Yuki Osako is Japanese glassmaker who lives and works in Kanazawa. Graduating from the Toyama Glass Art Laboratory in 2005, she has since gone on to produce tableware that's not only functional, but are also pieces of art that people can use on a daily basis.

She either blows or cuts the glass, depending on the situation, afterwards firing them in a kiln to a very high temperature. Yuki Osako uses a special method of frosting and cutting the glass in unique ways, this leads to a one of a kind object that's visually appealing and a joy to hold in the hand. Yuki's goal is to make handcrafted objects that straddle the fine line between art, design and craft.

  • Born in 1979. Yuki now makes all of her works in Kanazawa, Japan.
  • She experiments with frosting the glass to create unique visual effects, making functional works of art.
  • She achieves these one of a kind effects by glass blowing and cutting the glass, later firing in the kiln to a high temperature.
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