Yuichi Murakami

Born in Tokyo, Yuichi Murakami is a young potter who now resides in Toki, a city in Gifu Prefecture. Not only are his thin white porcelain forms to be admired, he also has the talent of being able to craft wares in stoneware, flicking between the two clays when needed.

The forms made on his pottery wheel are rooted in simplicity, functional forms if you will, but actually incorporate lots of traditional elements from the surrounding area. Such as harvest patterns on the bowl, and thin shiny porcelain bowls like those from Korea and China. These unique glazes create surface imperfections that make them truly one of a kind.

  • Born in 1982 in Tokyo, now lives and works in Toki, Gifu Prefecture.
  • Experimenting with both modern and traditional elements in his pottery, using interesting firing methods and unique patterns.
  • The character comes from the little impurities in the glaze, which make them all individual and handcrafted.
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