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  • KISEKI Vase
  • KISEKI Vase
  • KISEKI Vase



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Aji is a small village near Takamatsu in Japan. Here resides the studio of famed Japanese-American sculptor Isamu Noguchi, an artist who used the unique qualities of Aji stone to craft some of his most famous works.

This vase has been made by AJI PROJECT, a company founded in Japan to showcase the best qualities of Aji stone and utilise the craftsmanship of the makers in this local area. Each piece is carefully constructed with daily use in mind, so that we can connect with nature with every touch.

Please note: These pieces are handmade and feature small markings from the making process. Each one is unique. Shipped directly from the maker's studio in Japan.

Approx Measurements: 50mm Diameter x 350mm Height (830g). Stone. Handmade in Japan. Ships from Japan.

Each object a testament to the artist's dedication and craftsmanship.

Sleek designs and subtle textures bring to life the beauty of nature.