Tomoharu Funahashi

Tomoharu Funahashi is a Japanese woodworker who resides in Iwakura, a city in Aichi Prefecture. His background is in Mechanical Engineering. After discovering woodwork he decided he would pursue it as a career and passion, now it's been 21 years since he started and he still continues to craft at his workshop in Japan.

His goal is to achieve simplicity in his design, objects that are pleasant to use and easy to cherish. Now his main focus is on his oval boxes in which he uses shaker type techniques to craft them. He also makes these containers using sawdust and cashew paint, which he has started using as a substitute for urushi (lacquer). This certainly gives the boxes a certain character and charm that is truly unique to Tomoharu Funahashi.

  • Tomoharu Funahashi works at his studio in Iwakura, a city in Aichi Prefecture.
  • In 2006 he started exhibiting at craft fairs, later exhibiting at galleries across Japan.
  • He uses various techniques to craft his beautiful objects from wood, tending to prefer hand techniques such as carving over machinery.
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