Studio Prepa

Run by Japanese duo Katsuhisa and Mizuho Hira, Studio Prepa is their workshop where they make and produce a variety of handmade glassware. Working from this independent setting rather than a generic factory allows them to really focus on the finer details, and make glass objects that have an experimental element. For example, they let the unpredictability of glass play a vital role in the final product, where as industrial factories would try and stamp out this sort of behaviour, to make each piece as consistent as possible.

The pair hope to make pieces that blend in with daily life, but have a unique character and warmth. When not following traditional glass blowing methods you will find them experimenting with wooden moulds and unusual textures to get an insight in to how glass works and appears to the human eye.

  • Studio Prepa, consisting of Katsuhisa and Mizuho Hira, create high quality hand-blown glassware at their studio in Nagano Prefecture, Japan.
  • Although they concentrate on producing functional works, they also look to experiment with a mixture of techniques to create the best glass possible and push their craft to the next level.