Green Pedestal Dish

by Stefan Andersson

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A pedestal dish by Swedish potter Stefan Andersson, which has been made out of natural clay. The spots and unevenness are from sand and organic material that the body and glaze react to. This makes for a dish that's both honest and unique, harking back to the traditions of craft and pottery.

These pedestal dishes has been fired at the very front of an Anagama kiln. During the three days of firing the pots have been covered with ash that melts at extreme temperature. It pools and flows along the form and creates unique and intriguing surfaces reminiscent of rocks, glass and crystals. In these dishes Stefan has tried to combine thin potting with the rawness of the process.

Please be aware that each of these plates are unique and differ slightly from piece to piece.

Approx Measurements: 16cm Diameter 8cm Height