Stefan Andersson

Leading a fresh generation of Swedish potters is independent maker Stefan Andersson. Well studied in the history and heritage of the craft, Stefan has been able to pull references from the past and combine these with new techniques to provide his own contribution to the field.

Stefan's work explores many techniques, experimenting with a great number of kilns, be it gas, electric, wood, or his own invention in which recycles used vegetable oil. His ingenuity and willingness to question the typical process is very inspiring to see and we're pleased to present a selection here.

  • Stefan Anderson b. 1979 is a Swedish artist based in the rural area of Siljansnäs, Sweden.
  • Stefan experiments with various clay mixture, glazes and firing methods to create unique and functional objects.
  • He draws inspiration from many trips to Japan and China, using the traditions of east asian ceramics throughout his work.
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