Shinko Nakanishi

Born in Osaka, Japanese potter Shinko Nakanishi is a talented craftsman that creates rustic pottery in the small town of Kamiita, Tokushima Prefecture. Although Shinko uses the simple tones of black and white, each have their own individuality through the firing method and the locally sourced clay that is used to make his pottery.

His functional works of art are all wood-fired and the clay is very rich, which leaves unpredictable spots on the surface of the glaze and has become his signature style.

Not only have these works been handcrafted to be used on a daily basis, they are also expressive pieces of design that show the unpredictability of nature and man itself. This is a true collaboration between all the different elements that reside on this planet. We are proud to represent Shino Nakanishi's work below.

  • Shinko Nakanishi was born in Osaka in 1968.
  • In 2000 Shinko graduated from the Kyoto Traditional Craft College and went on to work for one of the six ancient potteries in Japan, Tamba Pottery.
  • Shinko moved to the rural town of Kamiita in 2003 with the goal of setting up his own pottery, here he produces simple works with a calm and subtle appearance that are sure to stand the test of time.
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