Naotsugu Yoshida

We're proud to represent Naotsugu Yoshida, a Japanese potter who lives at the foothills of Mt.Fuji. He’s a very talented individual who makes some beautiful pots of all shapes and sizes. His works represent the environment that surrounds him, you can definitely sense this majestic location and I think it plays a big part in the textures and colours that he gravitates towards. For example working in black and white exclusively, which could be seen as a dialogue between him and nature itself.

Naotsugu Yoshida studied under well known ceramic artist Taizo Kuroda, with most of his works being made thin, often translucent, and showing the fine markings and slight irregularities thanks to the artist’s hands. It's obvious to see Naotsugu has incorporated a lot of these aspects in to his own work, but he has pushed the material in a new way that is both quirky, clean and suitable for modern living.

  • Potter Naotsugu Yoshida makes at the foothills of Mt.Fuji in Japan.
  • Studied under well known ceramic artist Taizo Kuroda.
  • Focuses on making everyday pots mimicking the surroundings that he lives in.
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