Pale Grey Dry Lacquer Vase

by Mie Yokouchi

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A miniature vase by Mie Yokouchi, handmade at her studio in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan. Mie creates these lacquer works using the specialist "Kanshitsu" technique (meaning dry lacquer). Mixing flour, wood and soil powder with lacquer on linen cloth and Japanese paper she’s able to create a strong base for her work, which she then layers on to a mould usually made from wood or clay.

This particular vase has a blue/grey textured tone on the body and a black/orange finish on top, up-close you can see where she has used different natural materials, such as paper and linen, to craft this piece. Although small, these can be used as a bud vase or a decorative object. Overall a beautiful object that mixes functional design with art, using a rare fading technique that many have now forgotten.

Approx dimensions: 5.5cm Diameter, 5cm height