• Red Pink Earrings
  • Red Pink Earrings
  • Red Pink Earrings

Red Pink Earrings


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These beautiful monotone earrings are handcrafted in Tokyo by Japanese glass artist Rie Furukawa. Rie uses the landscape as inspiration, using these deep colours that radiate in tone.

The colours are achieved by a process of mechanical polishing. By going through various phases Rie can choose to polish or not polish in certain areas to create a cloudy look. Depending on the time of day, the weather, and the person wearing these the colours are constantly changing. This beauty is unique and one of a kind.

Please note: This is for a set of earrings. These pieces are handmade and feature small markings from the making process. Colour may also differ slightly from the image seen here as each one is unique. Shipped directly from the maker's studio in Japan.

Approx Measurements: 1.6cm diameter x 0.8cm height. Glass. Handmade in Japan. Ships from Japan.

Through a meticulous process of mechanical polishing, Rie Furukawa achieves mesmerising depths and tones.

Each piece, unique in its cloudy textures and radiant hues, invites personal interaction.