Wide Cherry Bowl

by Masahiro Endo

A stunning cherry bowl by Japanese craftsman Masahiro Endo, a woodworker who lives and works in Shonan, Japan. The cherry wood is quite something, alongside the graining which features dark stripes running throughout.

The bowl itself is large enough for servings of dry food and can also be used for snacks to serve to family and friends. Surprisingly light, the bowl tapers out to leave a wide form with a thick foot, both aesthetically pleasing and has a hint of wabi-sabi.

Please note: These bowls are one of a kind and every one has a slightly different grain, so please be aware that the bowl might be slightly different to the photos seen here. There may also be small knots and marks that might not have been picked up by the camera.

Approx Dimensions: 18cm Diameter x 8cm Height