Masahiro Endo

Masahiro Endo is woodworker who lives and works in Shōnan, a stretch of coast that’s often cited as the “home of Japanese surfing”. This laid back approach has helped Endo craft considered wooden bowls, chopping boards, lidded containers and more, which are all then finished using natural oils.

Although Masahiro is able to craft very fine shapes, he often uses the natural landscape around him as inspiration and works with the material to get the best out of the wood. For example, if he see’s a knot in a piece of wood or a small mark of nature showing through he uses this in the final piece to create one of a kind objects.

Endo hopes that his works will patina and grow with the user, turning in to an object that can be used in daily life and stand the test of time.

  • Masahiro Endo is a woodworker who crafts out of his studio in Shōnan, Japan.
  • He started turning wood in 2007, and has since gone on to be one of the top woodworkers in Japan.
  • He hopes that his objects will get better with age, growing and maturing with the user.
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