Mark Robinson

Mark Robinson, the founder of OEN, produces a small selection of handmade ceramics exclusively for OEN Shop. After spending seven years studying and stocking the work of talented ceramic artists across the world an idea sprouted for a collection of work that was unique and ever-changing.

With a background and passion for contemporary design, his goal is to bring these ideals to the age old craft of ceramics and produce natural but unique-looking pottery that has longevity in mind. All of the works seen here are made by hand at his studio based in the UK and will be a base for his experiments in creativity.

  • Mark Robinson is the founder and owner of OEN.
  • After years stocking various crafts from around the world, predominantly Japan, a collection of pottery has come to fruition.
  • Looking to make works in natural and subtle looking colours in both porcelain and stoneware clay.
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