Manabu Nishibayashi

Yoshino, a small town in Nara, Japan is famous for the cherry blossoms and every year in April sees the arrival of a beautiful sea of pink that coats this mountainous landscape. Japanese potter Manabu Nishibayashi is famed for his objects produced for the tea ceremony and other beautifully crafted ceramics that can be used in the home.

As well as his range scattered with green and pink to represents the changing seasons in Yoshino, Manabu also specialises in the Hakeme technique that involves brushing on white slip to highlight the changing colour of the dark clay below. His work is always referencing the traditional shapes of Japan, but at the same time offering a modern, contemporary twist that sets his work apart from other ceramic artists.

We are proud to represent this rare pottery from Japan and offer a selection of his work to a wider audience on this side of the globe.

  • Born in 1975 in Yoshino, Nara Prefecture, Japan.
  • Specialising in Tenomoku glazes for the tea ceremony, as well as Hakeme and other brushing techniques for functional ware.
  • Inspired by the natural landscape of Yoshino and his training in Shigaraki, famous for wood-fired ceramics.
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