• Pink Kiji Round Bowl S
  • Pink Kiji Round Bowl S
  • Pink Kiji Round Bowl S
  • Pink Kiji Round Bowl S

Pink Kiji Round Bowl S

Makoto Saito

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A bowl handcrafted from semi-porcelain clay by Japanese ceramic artist Makoto Saito at his studio in Seto City, Aichi Prefecture. The glaze on the surface of this vessel is matte and has been applied with a sponge to create all these unique textures, specifically in this case light and dark pink.

This would be great for serving food at the dinner table or showcasing as an art piece on the sideboard. Certainly a piece that will look contemporary for a long time to come.

Note: These are made by hand so each one may differ slightly from the photo, they all have their own character.

Approx Measurements: 12cm Diameter, 6.5cm Height

In Japan, the art of ceramics flourishes, as artisans deftly shape semi-porcelain clay into thin, weightless vessels on the wheel.

Makoto Saito's mastery shines through as he shapes semi-porcelain clay into ethereal forms, a testament to Japan's rich ceramic tradition.