Kenya Hara - Designing Design

by Lars Müller

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Standing alongside Naoto Fukasawa as one of the leading design personalities in Japan, Kenya Hara presents his take on "Designing Design" in this 472 page hard cover publication which has been put together by Lars Müller publishers.

Recognised by many for his role on the board of Japanese design giant Muji, Kenya looks to educate others on the lessons he's learned via the work of many overlooked Japanese icons. Throughout the book Kenya puts great significance on the traditional Japanese concept of emptiness within design, and backs his theories up with 389 illustrations and various references to previous projects he has undertaken.

After releasing this book in lots of Asian languages with great success the demand for an English version led to Lars Müller picking this publication up. We believe countless creatives will benefit from what the Graphic Designer has put together here, with some of the lessons found inside absolutely priceless.

Printed in English. Paperback.