Keisuke Okazaki

Ceramic artist Keisuke Okazaki lives in the city of Kamakura in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. Kamakura itself is a popular tourist destination in Japan, but venture outside and you find Keisuke's home surrounded by nature. Here he crafts from his traditional Japanese home complete with shoji doors and tatami matting.

The roots of the trees seen in the mountains and the bumpy roughness of this climate inspires his work and has meant that over the years a truly distinct style of brushing on the colour, especially to mimic the deep and textural qualities found in stone, has come forward.

This is an interesting juxtaposition considering the fine, thin nature of his vessels and the care taken to sand these with a rasp and create flowing curves that are contemporary but link back to traditional techniques. Here at OEN we are proud to present his work and showcase it outside of Japan.

  • After studying ceramics Japanese maker Keisuke Okazaki began to produce his ceramics from his home in Kamakura.
  • All of the objects are made by hand at his studio and require great skill to create such flowing forms.
  • Texture is applied with a brush and then finished by sanding to create a smooth, matte surface.
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