Black Stair Plate

by Keiichi Tanaka

A quirky angled plate that's been handmade by Japanese ceramic artist Keiichi Tanaka at his studio in Kawagoe, a city located just outside Tokyo. This small black plate is great for serving sweets or condiments on the table.

He achieves this stunning surface colour by applying a glaze and firing at 1200°C, then applying other pigments and firing again at a much lower temperature. This particular plate has an interesting shine to it, with slight gold undertones coming through from the black glaze. This is certainly a quirky piece and is totally hand built, no pottery wheel has been used to make them. This adds to overall beauty of the piece.

Note: These are made by hand so each one may differ slightly from the photo, they all have their own character.

Approx Measurements: 3.5cm Diameter (opening), 17.5cm Height