Keiichi Tanaka

Hoping to make our lives a little richer and more comfortable, Japanese potter Keiichi Tanaka makes functional ceramics that can be used in daily life. His inspiration derives from the past, trying to emulate objects that have accumulated time, this provokes a nostalgic, heart-warming feeling throughout his collection of works.

His white glazed bowls and containers are inspired by the soft and smooth texture of Faience, a popular type of pottery in 15th and 16th century Europe, and his blue glazed vessels are taken from the blue surfaces used in ancient Egyptian and Turkish pottery. Although his works reference the past, the simplicity in his ceramics makes these extremely relevant and appealing in any modern setting.

  • Born 1979 in Chiba, Japan.
  • All of his creations are made by hand at his home studio in Kawagoe, a city located just outside Tokyo.
  • He achieves his unique colours by applying a metal-infused glaze and firing at 1200°C, then applying other pigments and firing again at a lower temperature.
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