Kazumi Kato

Kazumi Kato was born in Tokyo and was introduced to ceramics through a teaching job after she had graduated art university. She quickly realised her real passion was ceramics, so she moved to Seto city in Aichi prefecture, where she learnt the craft at a vocational training school. After graduating Kazumi travelled back to Tokyo and set up a pottery studio, producing her own works with a distinct look and aesthetic. Now she holds both solo and group exhibitions a few times a year in Japan.

All of Kazumi's works are constructed out of a high grade porcelain, although this material can sometimes look fragile, Kazumi does a fantastic job at adding both character and warmth to the finished articles. She uses matte colours, such as white, ivory, and more rustic looking gradients, to create both texture and a change in surface. Kazumi thinks this reflects from her oil painting experience in the past. Although the look is important she pays particular attention to the size, making sure they're simple and easy to use on a daily basis.

  • Kazumi makes her objects out of high grade porcelain, using matte colours to catch the natural light of the home.
  • Although appearance is important to Kazumi, her main concern is making functional objects that can be used in everyday scenarios.