Inima Pottery

The Inima Pottery studio is based in the village of Kawakami-mura in Nara Prefecture. The village is surrounded by mountains and is especially known for its beautiful nature. The changes of season are particularly impressive here, during summer months there’s beautiful greenery, and in autumn Larch trees change colour to red. White snow covers the ground in winter, and when spring comes the mountains are covered with fresh green leaves and blossoms.

This environment is what inspires owners Yuichiro and Satoko Suzuki, husband and wife team that make up Inima pottery. Yuichiro was born in Kanagawa Prefecture and Satoko in Osaka, Yuichiro mainly specialises in porcelain and Satoko in stoneware. The stoneware is particularly impressive, as she’s able to create simple work that has a subtle colour scheme and a unique texture in the hand.

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