Hirota Glass

Hirota Glass has a long history of making behind them, being founded in 1899 and has been passed down each generation of the Hirota family. Even after 100 years they continue to make glassware by hand, having dedicated themselves to the creation of product that possess an endearing warmth that's often lacking in machine-manufactured glassware. At their workshop you will still see the craftsmen using traditional glass-making techniques from the company’s early days of production.

You will find that Hirota have narrowed down their processes to be efficient as possible, whilst taking great care over the quality and construction of each object. All of their items are to be cherished and cared for, in the same way that the makers did when the handblown or hand-shaped glass was formed in to these beautiful shapes at the Hirota factory.

  • Founded in 1899, the workshop has been passed down to each generation of the Hirota family.
  • The craftsmen of Hirota still use traditional glass-making techniques, those that have been tried and tested for over a 100 years.
  • Focuses on creating product that possesses an endearing warmth, not often found in machine-manufactured glassware.
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