• From Ryoan-ji
  • From Ryoan-ji

From Ryoan-ji

Dominique Lutringer

A unique artwork by French artist Dominique Lutringer. Inspired by Japanese culture, Lutringer resides in Tokyo where he looks to fuse Japanese aesthetics with contemporary minimalism.

For this artwork he uses Kyoto's famous Ryoan-ji temple as inspiration, especially the wonderful zen garden that consists of carefully placed stones and raked gravel. Lutringer fuses simple aesthetics using straight lines and blanks, a sensitivity towards change and imperfection, also the aspiration of harmony with nature.

Please note: These artworks are sent unframed. Ships from the artist's studio in Japan.

Approx Dimensions: 109x79cm and media: color pencil, oil paint stick, Arches paper 300gr. Ships directly from the maker's studio in Japan. Unframed.

A captivating journey where elegance meets subtlety.