Craftsman Hiroyuki Ooyu has been working with wood from an early age, practicing carpentry professionally since helping to renovate a Japanese restaurant in London. This project would prove the trigger for a lifetime of work in the material creating both furniture and Japanese architecture for a living. As he raised a family, his son Kentaro, surrounded by an abundance of handcrafted objects and furniture at home, took a strong interest in his dad's work.

They work diligently under the hope that their work will reach many generations, being passed down and cherished for their natural qualities. If they come across a defining crack or knot in the wood grain they look to take advantage of this and make it a feature within the design, embracing what nature initially intended. This is particularly true of the utensils we are proud to be offering here, which have been given their individual warped shape from the natural curve of the tree branch.

  • All objects made by father and son duo Hiroyuki and Kentaro Ooyu.
  • Focused on creating everyday items that will stand the test of time.
  • Workshop based in Hirosaki, Aomori Prefecture.