Situated approximately one hour from Kyoto is the famous tea town of Wazuka, known for its picturesque landscape and neatly kept tea fields. d:matcha, a tea company founded by brothers Daiki and Chisei Tanaka in collaboration with farmer Hiroki Aka in 2017, has since gone on to create a stir in this small town and is now branching out worldwide. Chisei Tanaka and Hiroki Aka are next generation farmers who trained with the masters in this area of Kyoto to cultivate high quality tea that is sustainable, local, and organic.

Through their great work at d:matcha they have been able to introduce a younger generation to this area, with Daiki and his wife Misato also running regular tea tasting workshops and offering hiking tours and tea picking experiences in the mountains of Wazuka.

We are very proud to represent a special selection of tea straight from the mountainsides of Wazuka, which are all picked freshly from the d:matcha farms in Wazuka, Japan and are known for having a strong, sweet but subtle taste.

  • Founded in 2017, Daiki and Chisei Tanaka look to produce local and sustainable tea in the small town of Wazuka in Japan.
  • d:matcha are working with local farmers to produce the best tea possible, hoping to pass down the skills to create a new generation of tea producers.
  • As well as producing organic Sencha they are also known to produce high quality Matcha that's often used for the tea ceremony, one of the most highly regarded arts in Japan.
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