Mist Tea Container

by Akihiro Nikaido

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A beautiful tea container handmade by Akihiro Nikaido at his studio in Mashiko, Japan. As part of his 'Mist' collection this piece features a unique glaze that's quite wispy in appearance, moving from red to white in a circular motion, but textured when felt in the hand. They are white glazed and then baked at a high temperature in the kiln so it's fused with the soil and doesn't melt away.

Alongside the functional and handmade element, this vessel has a beautiful thin form that take cues from nature itself. Akihiro is known for his interest in the tea ceremony, often creating works that would work well or coincide with a tea room, and this object is no different. It's truly something special.

Please note: All of these feature small marks and details that can't be picked up by the camera, the colour may also differ slightly.

Approx Measurements: 4.25cm diameter x 9cm height