Black Classic Cup

by Akihiro Nikaido

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A beautiful small cup handmade by Akihiro Nikaido at his studio in Mashiko, Japan. This piece is in a black clay with hints of purple that's textured when felt in the hand, Akihiro achieves this by using a local red earthenware clay dug near his studio.

Alongside the functional and handmade element, this cup has a beautifully thin form and take cues from nature itself. Nikaido’s known for his interest in the tea ceremony as an art, often creating works that would work well or coincide with a tea room, and this object is no different. This piece is truly something special.

Please note: All of these feature small marks and details that can't be picked up by the camera, the colour may also differ slightly.

Approx Measurements: 10cm diameter x 6cm height