Square Black Lacquer Tray

by Akihiko Sugita

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This wooden tray has been hand cut and perfected by master craftsman Akihiko Sugita at his workshop in Japan. He applies many layers of lacquer, or urushi, to protect the surface.

Urushi refers to a native tree that grows in Japan and a handful of other Far Eastern countries. The tree generates a remarkable sap that can be used to create a hard protective layer on wooden vessels, it also has some antibacterial properties.

This particular tray is square and features a thin lip running around the edge, the bottom is reflected in this design and has a cut-in portion making it easy to hold. The tray has slight surface markings, with the wood coming through from underneath. Definitely a special piece that should be cherished and kept over a lifetime.

Measurements: 21cm Length, 21cm Width, 2cm Height